5º- Training YOLOv3 to detect traffic signs

Traffic signs are the first element the network would detect. For this task, we need a big dataset containing images with annotated traffic signs. As we saw in the third article 3º- Datsets for Traffic Signs detection, we will start by using the German Traffic Signs Detection Benchmark (GTSDB). We will make use of Darknet,... Leer más →

4º- How to install YOLO Darknet with CUDA and OpenCV in Ubuntu

The task of installing the open source neural network framework Darknet with CUDA and OpenCV enabled in Ubuntu may not be an easy task. After having successfully installed it, in this tutorial I want to explain all the process in the simplest way and help you solve some common and not that common problems. Ubuntu... Leer más →

3º- Datasets for Traffic Signs detection

The first road elements SaferAuto would detect are the different traffic signs. Hence, the next step in the project would be to find a database with a complete set of traffic signs images and annotations of the elements. However, SaferAuto is intended to be initially focused on detecting European road elements so the dataset will... Leer más →

2º- Preparation Stage

In this second blog, I would be sharing the research I have done in the field of deep learning and autonomous driving in order to start developing SaferAuto. The first step I took was to analyze similar projects of object detection and tracking. This helped me find which are the state-of-art technologies for solving my... Leer más →

1º- Introduction to SaferAuto

Hello World! In this first post, I will be introducing the project SaferAuto I plan to develop and my motivations to participate in an open-source competition with it. First of all, let me start by explaining what is the project about. SaferAuto is a modular driver assistance system. Between its features, it would detect road... Leer más →

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